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Four Reasons You Should Outsource Warehousing & Logistics

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

1). Reduce your cost of warehousing space

If your core business does not need a warehouse why do you have one? To properly secure, maintain, and operate a warehouse you need to have a solid team and secure warehouse. Many companies invest in operating their own warehouse even though that's not their core business. Then they quickly realize the burden of expenses that come with warehousing and logistics.

  • Reduce facility space by up to 50% or more

  • Reduce insurance expense

  • Reduce facility maintenance expense like pest control, video surveillance, and building and cleaning expenses

  • Partner with logistic experts that know the logistic landscape that will manage your assets with better care

2). Avoid Employee Total Cost

As we all know, an employee cost more than just heir salary whether they are part time or full time. There's the cost of salary, training, retention, insurance, claims, unemployment or whatever expenses that fit the bill. If you add this expense to the cost of maintaining a warehouse times the amount of employees it should make you wonder is this the most efficient way to run my business. By finding a logistics partner you can....

  • Avoid warehousing Accidents and Insurance claims

  • Reduce employee expense by 10% or much more

  • No employee retention, management, and training issues

3). Partnering with Logistics Experts with value added resources

Regular warehouse workers that work for a company typically don't have the same or more passion for what they do than a warehousing company that does warehousing for their living.

  • Better Packing and securing of assets

  • Trucks and resources to make deliveries themselves without using shipping carriers

  • Well maintained facility with surveillance and pest control

  • One budgeted expense instead of variable cost model

  • Increase Efficiency

Outsourcing services is a strategic advantage that many business overlook because the want to keep everything "In house". I understand that there's some key components of any business that you would and should never outsource but if your paying for warehouse space and employees to, let's say, manage your tradeshow assets, store and ship your orders, store and distribute employee equipment and more than you really need to find a logistic partner that you can trust...


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