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Ecommerce Services

Online Business

You’ve worked hard to establish your brand and your products sales are starting to take-off. Now you seem to be spending more time preparing and shipping orders than you have. Offload the fulfilment and logistics to us so that you can focus on production and marketing your business. Choose from flat-rate monthly billing to per-services pricing and billing. Contact our sales department for a quote.

Our Fulfillment Process

Whether you are a startup company or an experienced retailer, you have to fulfill orders correctly, as order fulfillment greatly affects customers’ experiences. West Bound Warehouse & Logistics Services can provide Full-Service fulfilment services to help you scale your operations without having the extra cost associated with warehouse space and staff, you can even outsource your customer service team to our nearshore team of excellent English speaking Customer Support Reps in the Caribbean...

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Receive & Inspect

We will receive, inspect, and sign for all your inbound packages for storage or returns  processing. Each shipment is recorded in our warehouse management software, asset tagged and can be managed by you on our customer portal.

Locker Room

Secure & Store

Protect your merchandise in our state-of-art facility. Our entire facility is completely secured with all-angle surveillance, property security guards, automated alarm systems with backup generators, remote monitoring and thorough employee background checks.

Mover Packing

Assemble & Pack

Our well trained staff can assemble your product to your specification and prepare it for shipment or delivery. We will fulfil your shipment to your exact specification with labeling, order-completing, gift wrapping and subscription terms.

Package Delivery

Ship or Deliver

It does not matter to us if you're shipping one item per month or thousands. We can provide local and national pickup and delivery using our fleet or we can provide local, national and international shipping using any of the major shipping services such as USPS, FedEx, UPS and more...

Our Quality Guarantee


Safety, Accuracy, Punctual, Customer-Focused, Saleable

We're a 100% customer focused company. We strive to bring every customer value to their business no matter how hard we have to work to do so. We're flexible, reliable and scalable. 

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