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Order Fulfillment Services

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Fulfillment & Distribution


Logistics Warehouse in Frederick, Maryland


Are you looking for a reliable fulfilment and distribution center? Are you finding fulfillment centers that have limited services? Are you spending more than enough time trying to figure out complex requirements for retails chains, managing your business plus having to deal with all the logistics?

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West Bound Warehousing and Logistics can help you pick and pack to our full-service program that includes order processing, payment processing, call center service, and inventory control, we provide a cost-effective and reliable solution to all your distribution needs.

Our distribution services include:

  • Web Store order fulfillment

  • Inventory management

  • Returns processing

  • UPC generation and tracking

  • Ticketing, and other value added product enhancements

  • Kitting and assembly

  • Product and carton labeling

  • Large order wave picking

  • Logistics planning and implementation

  • Product line marketing

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