Frederick, MD

 Frederick Maryland's new state   of the art warehousing facility 

  • Customized Warehousing Solutions

  • Pick Up and delivery 

  • E-Commerce order fulfillment in Frederick

  • Storage and shipping in Maryland

  • Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Returns Processing

  • Vehicle Storage In Frederick MD

  • 3PL in Frederick Maryland

West Bound Warehousing and Logistics

Frederick Maryland's New #1 Distribution and 3PL and Fulfillment Services

Full Service Fulfillment and 3PL Distribution Center 

Why Choose Us

Local & Nationwide  Pickup & Delivery

Expand your reach from the east or west coast

East - West - North - South

Why limit yourself to local markets. Wes Bound Logistics services will pickup from the west coast and deliver to the east coast and from the east cost to the west coast.

International Services

Companies outside the USA  can use our 3PL and fulfillment services to expand their reach to the USA. We will help you with customs and everything you need to get your merchandise shipped, cleared, picked up, received, stored and distributed.

Environmentally Conscious

We take every step to ensure that we maintain a low carbon footprint on our environment

We use low emissions vehicles and fuel.

In our facilities and offices we use digital technology foster a low carbon environment. 

Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by 10% each year.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facility will integrate with your eCommerce or other internal system so you can monitor and Track your merchandise

Then our sophisticated receiving, managing, protecting and distribution technology will ensure that your products are delivered on time, and intact

Our Services Include


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Truck and Warehouse

Pickup - Store - Pick - assemble - Pack - ship - deliver

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Service Areas: United States and International

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We've used Westbound Services for years now and they always pull through for us. I can't wait until their new facility is open on the east coast.

The fact that they can pickup and deliver your products really helps us out when our fleet is backed up. II also like the fact they use a lot of technology and analytics to keep track or our stuff. Really great company

Cosmetic Store


They go above and beyond for us. It's really nice to have a logistics partner that can adjust to our unique needs and requirements.  Emergency and last minute services is never an issue. They always have someone available to help us with any emergencies.

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I grew my business to the point where I needed help with fulfilling all my orders. I used West Bound to take care of all my fulfillment and logistics. I've been able to triple my production now that I don't have to spend time fulfilling and shipping orders. West Bound is a great professional and innovative logistics company